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Jeinz Macias

You’ve likely heard Jeinz Macias’ music previously. His famous songs are played on radio stations nationwide, his music videos receive millions of views, and his social media accounts offer fans exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at his lavish lifestyle. 

Who is the real Jeinz Macias behind all the wealth and fame? Jeinz talks honestly about his path to fame in this exclusive interview, describing everything from his modest upbringing in a small town to landing his big break and eventually realising his dreams.

Early Life and Musical Influences

Jeinz Macias grew up in Quezon City, Philippines, in a family of musicians. At a young age, Jeinz got his love of music from his father, who played guitar in a local band. Jeinz began writing his songs and playing the guitar at ten. Rock groups from the 1970s and 1980s, like Journey, Toto, and Chicago, were among his most significant influences. Jeinz was particularly fond of those bands’ melodic guitar work and vocal harmonies from that era.

Jeinz started performing stand-up at bars and events around Manila in high school. He had trouble landing a record deal despite gaining popularity and even taking home a few radio songwriting competitions. The major labels felt that his sound and style were too “Western” and not sufficiently mainstream.

Resolved to spread his music, Jeinz saved enough money to record “Breakaway,” his debut EP, in 2007. He gave it constant publicity by touring the Philippines. Finally, a record company executive noticed and signed Jeinz to a tiny independent label.

Jeinz’s Rise to Fame

Although Jeinz Macias became increasingly popular in the early 2010s, his popularity began soaring in 2015.

Going Viral

Jeinz’s powerful ballad “The Story of My Life,” about heartbreak and lost love, was released in 2015. In just six months, the song received over 50 million views on YouTube after striking a chord with listeners and going viral. Jeinz became a star overnight.

Riding the Wave

Jeinz made the most of his sudden celebrity by going on tour, doing TV appearances, and putting out new music over the following few years. On the Billboard charts, his 2016 album “Road to Redemption” debuted at position three. Jeinz was the 2017 Grammy winner for Best New Artist.

Staying Relevant

Jeinz has continued to release hits and changed his sound to maintain his popularity. Their recent hits “New Beginnings” and “Summer Love” feature a fusion of hip-hop, EDM, and reggaeton sounds. Additionally, he has worked with well-known musicians like Maluma, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny.

The Legacy and Impact of Jeinz Macias

The influence of Jeinz Macias on Latin music is infinite. His lyrical lyrics and soulful voice have inspired many generations of artists. Even after the terrible end of his life, his musical legacy endures.

Timeless Music

Songs by Jeinz Macias are still helpful in culture decades after his passing. His most potent hits, such as “Amor Eterno” and “Como la Flor,” are popular karaoke songs and wedding dance floor fillers. His music continues to garner new supporters and is passed down through families.

Inspiring Other Artists

Macias influenced many musicians with his fusion of modern pop sounds and regional Mexican styles. His captivating live personality and vocal skills established the standard for modern Latin pop performers. Macias is regarded as a role model by artists such as Alejandro Fernández, Luis Miguel, and Chayanne. His success in the crossover genre also contributed to Latin music’s international mainstreaming.


This article, we discussed early life and the journey to musical influence. Also, we discussed the reason for his fame and success. This story inspires us to achieve goals at in early age. He faced many challenges and difficulties during the journey of his career. There is no doubt that challenges and failures make you stronger in the path to success. All you need is consistency and patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jeinz Macias?

Jeinz is a musician who became popular due to his songs and cool videos. He’s from the Dominican Republic, and his music attracts people listen to his songs.

How did Jeinz become famous?

He started playing music when he was at an early age and also he working hard to become successful in young age. His song “Hold On” became super popular and got him noticed in a big way.

What makes Jeinz’s music special?

His songs mix different kinds of music like punk and Latin sounds. He also writes lyrics about important stuff like love, hope, and standing up for what’s right.

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