Geekzilla Podcast- Exploring the Wonders of Geek Culture

Geekzilla Podcast

While covering popular geek basics like Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons, the hosts of Geekzilla also discuss pop culture in general, offering a geeky viewpoint on phenomena like viral TikTok songs. Their different perspectives on present fads aid viewers in understanding the relationships between modern and traditional fandoms.

A few of their most popular episodes explored subjects like how ASMR videos resemble sci-fi sensory manipulation, how Taylor Swift’s music videos are modern stories, and psychological lessons that can be drawn from shows like The Bachelor. Geekzilla improves pop culture fans’ understanding by facilitating meaningful and entertaining conversations about shows, musicians, and events in the present popular culture.

What is Geekzilla Podcast?

A geek culture podcast, like Geekzilla Podcast, is a forum where hosts talk and debate about different facets of pop culture and geek culture. This can include subjects that interest fans of nerdy and geeky activities, such as movies, TV series, video games, comic books, technology, etc.

Why can I listen to it?

Beyond the interesting conversations, Geekzilla created a bright, encouraging community amongst his geeky listeners. Long after an episode concludes, fans connect on social media and in fan communities, growing closer over common interests initially sparked by the podcast. 

The hosts highlight fan art, cosplay, fan fiction contests, and giveaways to further foster this enthusiastic fan base. Supporters of Geekzilla have praised the podcast for creating a barrier-free environment where all geeks are welcome. 

Who are the Geekzilla Podcast hosts?

Ted, Mike, and Alice, friends, are the hosts. They offer lively and reflective opinions on video games, movies, anime, comic books, and online culture.

Geekzilla Podcasts Community 

Finding this community has, for many, made it possible for them to embrace their passions without feeling guilty or ashamed about pursuits that society would otherwise consider too strange, nerdy, or childish. Pop culture fans of every background can form long-term connections and friendships in this friendly environment.

5 Geekzilla Podcasts That Will Blow Your Mind

These are five unique ideas for Geekzilla Podcast episodes that are sure to attract new listeners:

The Hero’s Journey 

Comparing popular hero archetypes via the Hero’s Journey lens, such as Mario, Harry Potter, and Luke Skywalker. What basic parallels and novel components have each been added to this formula?

Retro Video Game Music Theory 

Exploring chiptune music from vintage video games. What clever strategies did composers use to produce memorable melodies and complex harmonies, even with significant technical restrictions?

The Science of Lightsabers 

Could lightsabers and other plasma blades actually function? Examining the physics and the viability of solid laser swords as potential weapons in the future.

Building Fictional Worlds

analyzing composed worlds such as those in Marvel, Star Wars, and other franchises. Which narrative devices enabled them to create such detailed, compelling world-building?

The Philosophy of Time Travel

Using films like Endgame and Back to the Future as case studies, this study examines time travel theories ranging from Einstein to block universe theories and how ideas of causality and free will influence time travel stories.

What topics are discussed in the Geekzilla Podcast?

 Everything geeky is welcome, including reality TV and Taylor Swift! Since the theme is “where pop culture meets geekdom,” all forms of entertainment are examined through that perspective.


Geekzilla Podcast introduces a healthy dose of humor and smart analysis into discussions about all things geeky related to entertainment. The hosts, Ted, Mike, and Alice set an example for interesting but entertaining conversations about the arts, culture, and media we watch and use. As confessed geeks, they podcast from the heart and show that pop culture is worthy of careful analysis seen through a lighthearted, happy lens.


Why is the Geekzilla Podcast so popular?

A: All geeks can feel heard because of the easy chemistry between the likable hosts, the fun blend of geek and pop culture topics, and the nonjudgmental tone.

How can my content get attention on the Geekzilla Podcast?

A: If you have any unique geek viewpoints to share or geeky projects to show off, like fan art and cosplay, contact us via email or social media. 

What tools are required to launch a Geekzilla podcast?

A: Record and edit your podcast files using an inexpensive recording program like Audacity after having talks via Discord, Zoom, Skype, and other platforms.

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