Winstrol Cycle – Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Your First One

winstrol cycle

Once there was a time when using steroids was considered as an outer-world activity. Bodybuilders and athletes avoid taking them due to different myths. Over time, the trends change and steroids become very popular among bodybuilders and athletes across the globe. There are some reasons behind this popularity. These are:

  1. People are now aware of the fact that steroids are not harmful unless you abuse them.
  2. The growing trend of bodybuilding among youth who understand it’s very challenging to get the desired body without supplements.
  3. The availability of steroids. Now you can get steroids for sale from any well-reputed online store.

Wait, we aren’t here to discuss the popularity of steroids. Instead, today’s post is all about the Winstrol cycle. We all know how potent Winstrol is when it comes to shedding extra pounds of fat. However, it will do the job only when you take it appropriately. Today, we will tell you everything about the Winstrol cycle you need to know before starting it.

Winstrol Cycles

Winstrol is one of the most potent steroids for bodybuilders and athletes. It helps them get shredded before competitions and improves their agility. It has countless other benefits as well. However, you can enjoy them only when you stick to the cycle and don’t abuse this drug. Let’s delve into the details of different Winstrol cycles so that you know the right amount of Winstrol you can take during a cycle.

Winstrol Only Cycle for Beginners

Beginners should not opt for Winstrol as their first steroid cycle. As a beginner, you must take some other steroids first and then opt for Winstrol as it is highly potent and your body may not tolerate it, especially when you have not taken any steroids before.

The cycle duration for beginners will be around 6 weeks. Per day dosage for the first 2 weeks is 8 mg. If you tolerate it easily, you can opt for 10mg per day for the next 4 weeks of the cycle.

Once the cycle is completed, you need to give your body some rest before starting the new cycle. Usually, you will not face any side effects. In case you observe some, you must opt for a post-cycle therapy. Another thing you need to focus on when taking this potent supplement is your workout routine.

Winstrol Only Cycle for Intermediates and Experts

If you have been in the world of bodybuilding and fitness training for some time, it will not be hard for you to tolerate Winstrol. Now, you can opt for the higher doses as well. The duration of the cycle for intermediate users will be 6 weeks.

However, per day dosage will be kept around 20mg. If you can tolerate it conveniently, you can raise it to 25mg per day after the first 2 weeks. For expert users, the duration of the cycle will remain the same. Per-day dosage will depend upon their body’s tolerance and other steroids they are taking.

Winstrol With Testosterone Cycle

Winstrol is one of the best steroids to stack with other supplements. Its ability to enhance the efficiency of other supplements makes it stand tall among other anabolic steroids. It is often stacked with testosterone.

The dosage in this case will rely on the Testosterone cycle. The duration of the cycle will remain the same, i.e. 6 weeks. If you are taking 200mg of testosterone per day, then 20mg of Winstrol is required with it every day. If you raise the concentration of Testosterone by 100 mg, you have to raise the Winstrol intake by 10 mg.

Winstrol and Anadrol Cycle

 You may be surprised to see this combo as one is cutting and the other is a bulking supplement. But this stack will amaze you with results as well. When you stack Winstrol with Anadrol, you will get bigger and stronger muscles within a few weeks. However, these muscles will be ripped and well-defined due to the activity of cutting supplements.

 If taken properly, this stack can transform your body into its best version. During this stack, you need to keep the cycle duration 6 weeks. Per day dosage of Anadrol will be around 50 mg and Winstrol will be 20 mg. Stick with this dosage for the initial few weeks. For the second half, you can raise the dosage as per your body’s tolerance.

Winstrol and Trenbolone Cycle

This stack is one of the finest ways to grow bigger and stronger in a short duration. However, you need to keep one thing in mind this stack is not for beginners or intermediates. Both cycles put a strain on your liver and can lead to toxicity. Therefore, you must take them only when you are a skilled and experienced bodybuilder.

The cycle duration for this stack will be 6 weeks. Per day dosage of Trenbolone will be around 150mg and Winstrol will be 20mg. It is suggested to avoid raising the per-day dosage as it can lead to toxicity and cause liver problems.

Winstrol Side Effects

Side effects of Winstrol are almost negligible. However, when you keep on abusing this potent supplement, you have to face several side effects. These side effects are:

  • You may have to deal with fatigue, nausea, and continuous fever.
  • Oily skin, acne, hair fall, and other minor side effects can also be observed. However, they will be reversed when you stop taking this steroid.
  • You may get some serious side effects as well such as liver and kidney problems. However, these problems are subject to long-term abuse of this supplement.

Note: Side effects of Winstrol are mainly due to continuous abuse. If you stick to the cycle and don’t overdose on this steroid, the chances of getting any side effects are almost zero.

Final Thoughts

We have delivered a detailed guide about Winstrol cycles. Make sure to follow these cycles to avoid side effects and get maximum benefits. Another thing you need to focus on is to buy this supplement from a well-reputed store. We recommend you order it from UGFreak as it is one of the most reliable online stores to buy steroids. The best thing about this store is that it offers authentic supplements at affordable rates.

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