What is Vergando: Everything You Need to Know


You want to learn more about vergando after hearing about it. Well done for conducting your research. Vergando is one of the most talked-about things, but there isn’t much consensus on what it is and how it operates. After reading this article, you will have a thorough understanding of the main ideas and how vergando relates to you and your everyday life. 

People, buckle up and get ready to learn everything there is to know about vergando but were afraid to ask. After all, knowledge is power. You’ll use common vocabulary after this as if you have a PhD in the field. 

What Is Vergando?

Southern Spanish folk dances like the vergando are traditionally done by couples. In sync with upbeat music, dancers stride side to side while spinning in circles while holding hands. In Andalusia, where it first appeared, vergando was incorporated by the natives into communal festivities and religious holidays.

Nowadays, vergando is well-liked both in Spain and elsewhere. Vergando circles frequently spontaneously form at festivals or events, and many dance groups host Vergando classes and performances. When performed correctly, a vergando can evoke feelings of excitement and carelessness. The three main components are the music, the hand-holding, and the spinning.

Traditional Clothing for Vergando 

Women’s flamenco dress with polka dots and frills. Men dress in pants and button-down shirts.

Petticoat layers beneath the garment rotate in different directions.

For women, character shoes with modest heels, and for males, flat shoes.

Dancers click their castanets, or little percussion instruments, in time with the music.

Ribbons or flowers in a woman’s hair. scarves are worn by males around their necks or waists.

History and Origins of Vergando

Vergando’s history dates back to the Italian Renaissance, and it has been practiced for centuries. The main themes of this classic Italian folk dance are elegance, passion, and romance.

The Dance’s Backstory

In southern Italy, where vergando first appeared, young people would congregate in village squares on summer evenings. The males would grasp hands and create a circle, walking in unison with their steps. One by one, the women would then come into the circle and start spinning and dancing, choosing a male partner.

Young villagers were able to flirt and bond through touch and dance during this courtship ritual. Vergando evolved into a vivacious, flirty couple dance with dramatic stances, spins, and dips over time.

The Spread of Vergando

In the early 1900s, Vergando was brought to the Americas by Italian immigrants. It became 

more well-liked in places like New York and New Jersey where there is a sizable Italian community. Vergando soon absorbed quicker tempos and more flamboyant techniques from other dance forms, such as salsa and swing.

Vergando is now popular everywhere in the world, from dance clubs and competitions to Italian festivals. Even though the routines have changed, Vergando still conveys the excitement and intensity of finding the ideal dance partner.

Learning Vergando is a fun and engaging way to interact with history, regardless of your Italian ancestry. Vergando’s exuberant music, passionate embraces, and exhilarating spins around the dance floor are guaranteed to win you over.

How to Play Vergando

Spain is the birthplace of the fascinating tactical card game Vergando. You’ll need the following to play:

  1. 40 Vergando cards in a deck (available online or at specialist game stores)
  2. two to four players
  3. Tokens for betting, such as coins or chips

Winning tricks that contain valuable cards is Vergando’s aim. This is how it operates:


Deal every player five cards. To create the draw pile, arrange the remaining cards face down. To begin the discard pile, turn over the top card.


A player bids based on the number of tricks they believe they can handle. The player on the left of the dealer is where bids begin. Either you pass or you must bid more than the previous amount. The winner of a trump suit is the highest bidder.

Using Playing Cards

The first trick is led by the player who selected Trump. By playing a card in the same suit, players are required to follow suit. You can play any card if you are unable to follow suit. 


The point totals of the cards in the tricks you won are added together. Here is how the cards are scored:

  • Aces: 11 points
  • Face cards: ten points
  • Cards with numbers: Face value
  • A person who reaches or passes 


Now, you’re a vergando specialist. You understand what it is, where it starts out, how to make it, and how to use it. Participating in competitions at every level can help you develop your abilities via experience, introduce you to fresh tactics from elite players, and raise your competitive standing. While winning local and regional competitions is an exciting first step, becoming a world-champion vergando player is a long road ahead.


How do you learn to spot effectively in vergando?

Get a skilled partner to assist you in positioning your body correctly and to catch you if you start to lose balance or fall. 

Where should you start practicing vergando, especially as a beginner?

A mat, blanket, or other padding might help you feel more confident to do new things without being afraid of falling or slipping, especially when you’re just starting. 

Where can you find opportunities to compete in vergando locally?

There are vergando leagues and competitions for players of all ability levels at a lot of recreation centers, gyms, and community clubs. This is a fantastic starting point. Most places provide leagues for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players.

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