The Ultimate Guide to Using Printed Patches for Branding and Promotion

printed patches

Marketing strategies run the gamut. It’s easy to forget about the viable traditional marketing concepts that still exist in a sea of digital strategy.

One of these strategies is the classic printed patch.

You may have grown up buying patches at hobby stores or earned them through Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts of America. The last point speaks to the value of gifting patches to facilitate motivation; the more you achieve, the more patches you receive.

There are still industry niches that benefit from embroidered patches. Fashion, especially children’s fashion, the gifting industry, tourism, and museums can use patch designs to market their industries and capture even more customers.

In this post, you’ll discover creative tips for using patches in marketing.

Optimize Trade Show Giveaways

Industries that rely on trade show appearances should consider adding patches to their marketing toolkit.

For example, if you’re running a kids’ accessory business, you could create a line of cool clothes patches to give away in swag bags.

Swag bags are a timeless marketing tool that contains free promotional items. Functional items work best like pens and pencils, t-shirts, coffee mugs, stationery, and yes, patches!

This marketing tip works great for children’s party businesses too. You could create a line of patches with balloons, birthday cakes, present boxes, and animals to promote your business.

Improve Company Uniforms

Do you want to rebrand your company uniforms without a major, expensive overhaul?

Create a line of branded patches instead.

All you have to do is print the company’s logo with employees’ names in the brand’s color scheme. Employees can even iron on the patches themselves or you can adhere them to new company shirts.

Add More Items to Your Inventory

Are you a professional in the gift and novelty industry?

This is one niche where patches thrive. You have the opportunity to cash in on a wide variety of designs, from space themed patches to green Earth Day designs.

Gift shops do well in various industries, especially museums, amusement parks, zoos and aquariums, and tourist-friendly towns.

If you run a visitor center for a particular city or town, you need a line of local-themed patches on hand. Keep these stocked near the register to increase last-minute impulse buys at the register.

Back-to-School Marketing Ideas For Printed Patches

As the back-to-school season nears, think of ways you can promote your brand through functional items like pencils, binders, paper clip cases, and more supplies.

Don’t forget, it’s also backpack season. Children look forward to buying new backpacks for the school year; thus, you can have branded patches ready to go for the fall semester.

If you operate a backpack brand or school supply business, stock your inventory with a new line of branded patches that promote science, history, and art. You could also include them as free giveaways in online deliveries.

Start Printing Your Creative Patches

With these ideas in hand, now is the perfect time to start developing a creative marketing strategy with printed patches.

Assess your strategy to see where patches fit. You can use them to promote a new business or introduce a new product line.

Discover more creative inspiration in the blog!

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