The Top 5 Compliance Management Tools of 2024

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In 2023 alone, a focus on cyber regulation compliance helped the average cyber-security company fend off 39% more attacks than in 2022! A decade ago, compliance was an expensive chore businesses had to do in response to growing regulations. Today, however, many companies either use compliance to streamline their operations or profit directly from the regulatory framework.

Compliance management software will be your best ally if you want compliance to work in your favor. Check out five of our favorite compliance management tools and see if some would work well for your business.

1. Filesgate

Without a good marketing strategy, no business can thrive in today’s competitive market. Marketing differs from sales in that marketing first tells you what the market wants and then tells you how to distribute it to customers once you’ve created the product.

Marketing also involves more handling of people’s private information, and that implicates privacy laws in many countries. That’s where compliance software like Filesgate is so valuable. There are free, basic, and premium plans designed to help businesses of all sizes manage their compliance with privacy and intellectual property laws.

2. Cybriant

More jurisdictions are forcing businesses to comply with a basic cybersecurity standard. Data breaches can often implicate and damage many individuals and companies in one fell swoop.

Cybriant offers compliance monitoring that finds and plugs holes in your compliance management strategies. This also comes with a current cybersecurity system with most countries’ legal requirements.

3. Connecteam

Connecteam is a significant first step if you need compliance management software in the HR space. This typically applies to businesses with small but rapidly growing staff or services using many off-shore remote employees.

Connecteam allows you to automate task allocation, time tracking, and training for your staff base. It also has tons of plug-ins and customizable options that will enable you to stay up to date with labor laws in all jurisdictions.

4. Qooling

Qooling is a cloud-based solution that works well for small to medium firms. Its primary focus is on quality and security compliance, which makes it ideal for any task with technical and regulatory requirements and protecting IP. It’s also an excellent option for preventing cyber attacks as it constantly monitors the efficacy of your cyber security protocols.

5. Risk Hawk

Our final entry is available both in a cloud-based and an on-site form. Risk Hawk allows you to build a customized compliance tracking framework for various needs.

You can use it for tracking specification certificates to legal compliance in payroll. It also can automate many of its tasks, making it ideal for smaller management teams.

Learn How to Use Compliance Management Tools

Compliance is a huge part of the future of corporate management. Companies that take compliance seriously will thrive. Those that do not will cease to exist.

Tools like Filesgate and Connecteam help you manage the legal and operational sides of HR and marketing. Risk Hawk and Qooling can help check for compliance and security gaps. If you want all that plus a cyber security service, you need Cybriant.

Compliance management tools can only be as effective as the people using them. Become a master of tech and business by learning more on our informative blog page.

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