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Tanzohub is a brand-new, innovative platform that’s revolutionizing how people engage with live performances and events. Tanzohub is elevating live experiences and fostering closer ties between artists and audiences with its cutting-edge technology.

Tanzohub is a hidden gem that gives Tanzania’s young entrepreneurs a sense of optimism. It is tucked back in the beautiful landscape of the country. As we explore it further, we will discover how this cutting-edge platform is revolutionizing Tanzania’s business climate, nurturing local talent, and growing a path of success.

What Exactly Tanzohub Platform is?

Using their smartphones and other devices, users can actively participate in live events through Tanzohub. Tanzohub produces genuinely immersive and interactive events, in contrast to conventional live experiences where the audience is passive.

Tanzohub visually incorporates the audience into the event through the use of cutting-edge real-time video rendering technology. Tanzohub allows attendees to record videos with their smartphones, mapping those feeds onto animated avatars that are subsequently projected onto large screens and seamlessly integrated into the live production in real-time.

As a result, distant attendees can interact with the performers, the event itself, and each other in a shared metaverse-like setting. The distinction between passive viewing and active participation is erased by Tanzohub.

Complete involvement

Attendees with Tanzohub are more than just viewers. They turn into engaged participants who are instantly immortalized in the ongoing event. As a result, the audience influences the performance and energy of the event, creating a highly immersive and captivating experience.

Social Relations

Through their animated avatars, attendees can visually interact with each other on Tanzohub. This makes it easier for people to connect with one another and creates a sense of community by simulating in-person interactions.

Rewards and Gamification

Tanzohub uses gaming elements, such as leaderboards, badges, and points, to encourage user engagement. The experience is made more engaging and enjoyable by allowing participants to receive prizes and recognition for their participation.

Information and Analysis

The platform gathers a wealth of real-time analytics and data on attendance and engagement from attendees.

Tanzohub Future Plans 

Tanzohub has big plans to keep developing its platform and changing live experiences in the future:

  • Improved social features that allow participants to communicate and socialize with each other via their avatars

  • Integrated streaming support for interactive broadcasts to YouTube and Twitch

  • shared metaverse settings that allow participants to interact and explore virtual worlds

  • Tanzohub avatars and interactions can be integrated into real-world venues using augmented reality features.

  • increased options for animation, such as photorealistic avatars and full body motion capture

  • Tanzohub Marketplace: An online store for creators to purchase and sell interactive tools, assets, and content

Company Overview

Digital media pioneers Mark Zviman and Alan Dai founded Tanzohub in 2018. Zviman has founded many profitable online video startups in the past. Dai was a member of the R&D team that invented volumetric video capture and live holographic technology.

Their goal was to break down the fourth wall and the limitations of traditional live events. Tanzohub enables unprecedented levels of audience engagement, participation, and connection through real-time 3D graphics, live production, and interactive mobile video.


Tanzohub is at the forefront of turning passive spectatorship into the engaged engagement. Tanzohub offers immersive, interactive experiences of the future by enabling audiences to participate at scale and visually immerse them in live events.

This new platform is being welcomed by both event planners and attendees because it improves communication, community, and entertainment. Tanzohub’s potential to transform live events is boundless as it develops its platform and keeps increasing its technological innovations.


How is Tanzohub operated?

Participants record videos with the Tanzohub app, which instantly turns it into animated avatars. The Tanzohub Studio software is used by the organizers to manage interactivity and the composite audience feeds into the live production.

As a participant, what can you do on Tanzohub?

In addition to earning points and interacting with the performance and other participants, attendees can clap, dance, emote, chat, and more. It involves viewers in the event.

Which kinds of events can use Tanzohub?

With Tanzohub, live events and performances of all kinds, including conferences, esports, theater, dance, comedy, and concerts, can become interactive.

What distinguishes Tanzohub from other online event platforms?

Tanzohub is made especially for combining live, in-person productions with real-time, remote audience participation for a hybrid and improved experience.

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