5 Practical Ways To Use a Random Choice Generator for a Giveaway

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Over half of all brands use social media platforms to host giveaways. These giveaways tend to have entry guidelines that encourage follower growth and increased engagement, making them perfect for brand awareness campaigns.

How are these brands deciding who wins? More often than not, they’re using a random choice generator. These generators ensure that everyone who enters has a fair and unbiased shot at winning the grand prize.

What are the different ways that you can pick winners using a random choice generator? Read on for five ways to put a random choice generator to use.

1. Likes and Comments

A common way for followers to enter a giveaway on social media is to like a post and comment. Some brands will allow additional entries each time a participant tags another user because it broadens the audience for the giveaway. If you’re allowing multiple entries for each participant, enter their username multiple times in your random choice generator.

2. New Followers

What if you want to enter participants who followed you because of your giveaway? Instagram doesn’t have the best built-in tools to track your latest followers, but there are third-party apps like Iconosquare that can shed light on who recently joined the list. You may also want to run your new follower list through a bot-checker like Influencer Marketing Hub to eliminate any fake accounts that showed up in response to your increased activity.

3. Shares and Reposts

Do you want social media users to share your promotional giveaway post to enter your giveaway? Each social media platform makes this process a little different, but they all have built-in tools to see who shared your post. Compile your list in your random choice generator and pick your winner at the click of a button.

4. Hashtags

Do you want people to enter your promotional giveaway by making their own content? Use a 100% unique hashtag that social media users can use in the captions of their entry post. Once you’ve reached the competition deadline, search your hashtag on the platform you’re using and enter all participant handles into your random choice generator.

5. Email Addresses

Depending on your giveaway type, you may be offering participants alternative entry methods. This is a great way to include your older customer base, who may not be as active on social media. You can easily use this raffle website to pick winners from any data set, including a list of email addresses.

Play Fair with a Random Choice Generator

These days, promotional giveaways are some of the best ways to gain new customers and take advantage of word-of-mouth or guerrilla marketing. How can you make sure that when you pick winners, you’re playing fair and square? A random choice generator is a great option that will allow you to enter your participants and draw one at random.

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