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Kellie Kyle

Lane Frost’s wife and current widow was Kellie Kyle. The late Lane Kyle was a professional American bull rider married to Kellie Kyle. Before his sad passing, he was inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and was the 1987 PRCA World Champion bull rider.

Kellie was married to Lane Frost.

Lane Frost and Kellie Kyle were wed for five years. In 1980, Lane competed in a National High School Rodeo competition, where the two former partners first connected. They fall in love with each other and start dating.

Lane first met Tuff Hedemann’s contact at that same event. Tuff is a four-time World Champion, a former professional rodeo cowboy, and an International Rodeo Hall of Fame bull rider. He saw the incident in which Lane passed away.

Lane and Kellie tied the knot on January 5, 1985. The United Methodist Church in Quanah, Texas, was used as the venue for the wedding. The reception was held in the exact location. 

They were both 20 years old when they got married. As a young couple, they lived in a home until Lane Frost died. They were married for five years without having a single child.

Kellie Kyle’s late husband died.

The first husband of Kellie Kyle, Lane Frost, passed away from bleeding inside during one of his cowboy riding competitions. The biggest town in Wyoming, Cheyenne, is where the incident happened.

Lane got an astounding 85 points during his turn, but he accidentally fell off his cow. His bull turned around and gave him a backhand. Lane endured multiple fractures to his ribs as a result. He fell as he tried to run. His heart and other vital organs were damaged by several broken bones from the fall.

After that, Lane was taken to the hospital, where he received the dead person. The doctors pinned down his death to internal bleeding and a heart puncture. His Wikipedia profile claims an autopsy was not performed on him.

Married to Mike Macy

Kellie Kyle

Kellie Kyle chooses to move on and find love again after spending some time with her late husband. Mike Macy was the man she married. Mike is a famous team roper. Kellie appears to be more attracted to men who ride cows. It has been said that Mike got involved in section roping twice at the Las Vegas National Final Rodeo.

In 1993, the couple tied the knot in a very private ceremony. The couple’s few relatives and friends weren’t allowed to attend. After over thirty years of marriage, Kellie and Mike, her new spouse, have been blessed with two children. Their two kids participate passionately in rodeo competitions.

Since high school, the 29-year-old Aaron Macy, the first member of the couple, has won many rodeo awards. He’s headed to one of the biggest rodeo competitions. Brogan Macy, the second child, has also succeeded in various competitions. Brogan is currently 25 years old.

Kellie Birthplace

Texas is the birthplace of Kellie Kyle. It is unknown exactly when she was born in 1965. She is 58 years old right now. Her father is Ted Kyle, who is now eighty-seven years old.

Although her mother’s identity is unknown, we can confirm that her parents were native Texans. Growing up, Kellie went to high school and continued her education in Texas.


Lane Frost was a remarkable bull rider, cherished by his wife Kellie Kyle. They met at a rodeo when they were young, fell in love, and married. Sadly, Lane passed away doing what he loved. Kellie found love again with Mike Macy, a talented roper, and they’ve built a beautiful life together with their two children. Lane’s story is real, a tale of determination and facing life’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’S)

Did Lane Frost’s wife remarry?

Kellie Frost  (Kelley and Lane were wed on January 5, 1985. Since then, Kellie has married again and settled in Texas with her new partner, NFR team roper Mike Macy, and their two kids.

How did Lane Frost meet his wife?

Frost wed Kellie Kyle in 1985. Kyle was a Texan he met in 1980 while competing in the National High School Rodeo finals.

Who is Kellie Frost married to now?

She wed Mike Macy in 1993. Mike Macy participated in two team roping competitions at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

Is Lane Frost Based on a True Story?

This is an actual story of a man who went above and beyond to achieve his goals while managing the stresses of being a human.

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