The inspiring Story of Kase Abusharkh Amy Berry

Kase Abusharkh Amy Berry

Amy Berry and Kase Abusharkh met in their first year of college while enrolled in the same calculus course. They relate how they felt an instant connection when their hands touched and reached for the same pencil that had fallen off a desk between them. As corny as it sounds, they were practically bonded from that point on, helping one another through complex tests and homework assignments. They knew they had found their soul mate after only a few months of courting.

The Ceremony of Kase and Amy’s Commitment

After college graduation, Kase and Amy opted not to get married legally and held a private commitment ceremony after dating for five years. Amy’s childhood backyard served as the venue for the celebration, attended by just over thirty close friends and family members under a floral arch. Amy’s sleeveless ivory lace dress looked terrific with Kase’s tan suit. 

Many guests were moved to tears by the couple’s heartfelt vows, which they had written themselves. Photo collages that wrote about their relationship over the years were displayed on the reception tables. After their wedding, Kase and Amy waited five years to begin a family. They like spending their free time taking Jax to kid-friendly museums or picnics in the park. 

Employment possibilities

Amy can stay home with the kids because she has a successful Etsy shop selling stuffed animals and handmade quilts. With more than 50,000 social media followers, she regularly sells out of her entire inventory. Six junior developers work under Kase’s leadership as computer software engineers. He was just elevated to Senior Director at his company, NexGen Technologies, and maintains multiple patents.


The socially conscious couple gives their time to a non-profit that educates underprivileged youth about technology twice a month. Using quilts provided by Amy’s store, they organize a yearly blanket drive for disadvantaged families around the holidays. They were able to donate more than 100 blankets the year before.

Discussion on Rumors and Controversies

After seeing each other appear to be having an emotional conversation while in New York last year, there were brief rumors that Kase and Amy’s marriage was in trouble. They refuted the talks, saying Kase was having a heated conversation about work-related documents after taking his briefcase. They reaffirmed how solid their relationship was.

Relationship Kase Abusharkh Amy Berry Values & Lessons

A shared sense of humor, constant support of each other’s goals, open communication, and regular quality time spent together are all factors that Kase and Amy attribute to their enduring relationship. They contend that maintaining a healthy relationship requires deliberate effort and the will to find the good even in challenges. Their primary principle is to overcome adversity together as a team.


From the moment they connected over a pencil in calculus class that fateful day, Kase and Amy’s commitment to one another has grown stronger. Through professional successes, expanding their family, charitable endeavors, and regular time spent together, they have managed to preserve an unbreakable relationship based on laughter and trust. They have been together for more than ten years and are excited for all the happy times to come. Amy Berry and Kase Abusharkh 


How did Kase and Amy meet?

In a calculus class, Kase and Amy first made eye contact when they reached for the same pencil that had fallen off a desk. They connected right away.

What are Amy and Kase’s careers?

Amy has a popular Etsy store selling plush animals and handcrafted quilts. Kase works at NexGen Technologies as a software engineer and Senior Director.

Which causes are Amy and Kase supporting?

Their passion is educating young people with disadvantages about technology. Furthermore, they arrange an annual blanket drive wherein Amy’s store donates quilts to deserving families.

Were there disagreements regarding their relationship?

When they were seen in an emotional exchange in New York, there were rumors that their marriage was having problems. However, they later clarified that it was simply stress following the theft of Kase’s briefcase. They stated how close they were

What is the secret to their successful relationship?

They credit the longevity of their relationship to open communication, encouraging one another’s aspirations, sharing a sense of humor, committing a couple of times and effort, and having a positive attitude.

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