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Jenna Aze

Do you know who Jenna Aze is? This 23-year-old Los Angeles influencer gained over 50 million followers across multiple social media platforms. You can get a personal look into the luxurious lifestyle of an online celebrity through her entertaining sketches, dance videos, and lifestyle vlogs. Jenna’s real and unique nature comes through whether she’s unboxing new beauty products, giving advice on how to travel to a far-off place, or just being honest with her followers.

Her fast rise to fame has resulted in deals with companies, appearances in public, and even a few acting roles. Love her or hate her, no one can deny the impact of this self-made celebrity or the empire she’s creating, post by post. You’re about to develop the same kind of obsession with Jenna Aze as the rest of us.

A Day in the Life of Jenna Aze

In Jenna Aze’s world, a typical day is anything but ordinary. 

Morning Routine

Jenna gets up early, about six in the morning. She loves the silence of the early hours and uses it to plan her day, work out, and pray. Jenna has a healthy breakfast and then checks her social media and email to see if any urgent tasks that came in overnight need to be focused on. She plans every moment of her day by reviewing her schedule and to-do list.

Client Work

Working for her clients takes up most of Jenna’s time. This might consist of:

  • Writing articles, blog postings, and other content.
  • Developing content calendars and social media strategies.
  • Communicating on social media with clients and followers.
  • Meeting via video chat or phone with clients.
  • Collecting data for future projects.

Jenna struggles to work with clients for three to four hours every day. Every ninety minutes, she takes short breaks to restore her energy.

Personal Projects

Jenna works on her personal projects, such as her lifestyle blog or online courses, between client meetings. To help others in growing their freelance writing businesses, she is currently creating an online writing course. Her workday is balanced by these side projects, which also keep her from burning out.

Even though every day is special, Jenna’s schedule provides a flexible framework that keeps her motivated, productive, and safe from overworking herself. Her career and lifestyle are fulfilling due to her ability to manage her time well and maintain discipline.

Top Projects and Partnerships with Jenna Aze

Famous YouTuber Jenna Aze is known for her genuine and open lifestyle, beauty, and fashion-focused content. Among her most well-known works of art and collaborations are:

“Get Ready With Me” Series

This popular video series shows Fans a behind-the-scenes peek at Jenna’s daily beauty and styling routines. She talks about the things she’s been desired after, her most recent wardrobe discoveries, and how to copy her looks. The viewers love Jenna’s reality and the truth in these videos.

The Morphe Cosmetics Collab

Jenna worked with Morphe Cosmetics in 2019 to create a custom eye shadow palette. The Jenna Aze x Morphe palette recorded Jenna’s carefree and adaptable style with twenty-five shades that went from bright and bold to everyday neutrals. After its release, the palette quickly sold out due to its huge popularity.


In this article, we discussed the jenna aze life, her plans, and her skills. She is a role model for those people who want to achieve success and also maintain their health. Jenna Aze thinks that becoming healthy is essential for physical and mental health. She works hard but sets plans for her work, meeting with clients, cooking a healthy meal for herself, and spending time with friends and family. Also, she is a music artist, influencer, and a popular vlogger on the YouTube platform.


Who Is Jenna Aze?

She is an influencer on social media platforms and she is also a vlogger on YouTube. She makes vlogs for her fans about traveling and inboxing new products. Also, she gained 2 million followers in just 2 years.

When Janna Aze realized that she had to start acting as a career?

In a few interviews, Jenna realized her interest in acting and she started working on small roles to gain more experience. Because of her acting skills, and looks in a short period of time she became a famous actress in the whole world.

How can I access her content?

You can easily find her content on YouTube and different social media platforms where she shares her lifestyle, knowledge, and skills.

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