What is Fibahub? A Complete Guide


Fibahub is an online marketplace for buying and selling used smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronics. On fibahub, sellers list their pre-owned devices for sale and buyers can purchase them directly through the platform.

How Does Fibahub Work?

Fibahub connects buyers and sellers in order to facilitate transactions of used electronics. The process is as follows:

For Sellers

  • Sellers create a listing that includes details and photos of the exact item they want to sell. They establish an asking price and specify whether they offer free shipping or charge a shipping fee.
  • Once an item sells, the seller packages and ships the order. After the buyer confirms delivery, fibahub releases the funds to the seller’s account.

For Buyers

  • Buyers browse or search listings on fibahub for the specific make, model, color, capacity, and condition of device they want to purchase.
  • When they find the right match, buyers purchase the item directly through fibahub. All payments happen on the platform for security.
  • After receiving the order, the buyer must confirm delivery through fibahub. As a result, the seller receives the funds.

Pros of Using Fibahub

Wide selection 

As a marketplace, fibahub connects buyers to sellers with a vast range of devices. This makes finding exactly what you want easier.

Competitive pricing

Because everything is pre-owned, the electronics on fibahub are typically priced lower than retail.

Secure transactions

Payments happen through the platform, which holds funds until the buyer receives the item. This prevents fraud.

Buyer protection

Purchases come with a money-back guarantee. Fibahub also has standards in place to remove dishonest sellers.

Cons of Using Fibahub

No in-person inspection 

Buyers must rely on photos and seller details, since they can’t see the device in person before purchasing.

No guarantees on condition 

While sellers note cosmetic and functional condition, there’s some risk of wear-and-tear with used items.

Shipping costs

If the seller charges for shipping, it adds to the overall cost. Free shipping options are not always available.

Counterfeit risk

There is a small chance for replica devices, despite fibahub’s precautions. Buyers should know how to spot fakes.


How does buying on fibahub work?

On fibahub you can search for the exact make, model, color, capacity, and condition of used device you want to buy. When you find a listing that matches what you’re looking for, you purchase it directly through the secure fibahub platform. Payments are held by fibahub until you confirm delivery.

How does selling on fibahub work?

To sell on fibahub, you create a listing with details and photos of the used electronic device you want to sell. You choose an asking price and specify if you offer free shipping or charge a fee. Once your item sells, you ship the order to the buyer and fibahub releases payment after delivery confirmation.

What fees does fibahub charge?

Fibahub charges both buyers and sellers a small transaction fee for purchases made on the platform. This allows them to cover operating costs. Sellers may also opt to charge a shipping fee when buyers purchase their listings.

How does fibahub ensure security?

Fibahub uses an escrow system to secure transactions. Payments are held by fibahub until the buyer confirms delivery of the item. This helps prevent fraud and keeps both parties protected. Listings also include seller ratings and reviews.

Can you inspect a device in person before buying on fibahub?

Unfortunately no. Fibahub is an online marketplace without physical store locations. Buyers must rely on the photos and details provided in the seller’s listing when making a purchase. It’s important to thoroughly review listings before committing to buy.

What are fibahub’s policies on counterfeit or damaged devices?

Fibahub has a strict policy against counterfeit devices and actively removes sellers attempting to list them. They also have buyer protection if an item arrives damaged or misrepresented. Buyers can get help resolving issues by contacting fibahub customer support.

Final Words

In summary, fibahub provides a convenient online marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned electronics. It connects a wide range of sellers and buyers while offering security measures for safe transactions. As with any marketplace, there are some inherent risks to keep in mind.

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