DIY Button Crafts for Beginners: Simple and Affordable Ideas to Try

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Button crafts are a fun and easy way to start your DIY projects, not to mention it is an excellent way to recycle old or spare buttons that are lying around the house.

Whether you have a stash of vintage buttons or a mix of colorful ones you’ve saved from previous sewing projects, these simple and affordable button craft ideas can add personality and charm to your home, attire, or gifts. Here’s how you can get creative with buttons!

Button Art Canvas

Creating a button art canvas is a delightful and imaginative way to utilize your collection of buttons. To start, choose a simple outline or design that speaks to your personality. It could be anything from a heart to a tree or even an abstract pattern.

Next, select your buttons, and here’s where you can really make your artwork pop. For an eye-catching detail, incorporate blue buttons to add a splash of color and texture. Carefully arrange your buttons on the canvas, playing with sizes and shades to create depth and interest.

Once you’re happy with the design, glue each button in place. Not only is this project simple and enjoyable, but it also results in a unique piece of art that’s bound to draw attention and compliments.

Button Bookmarks

Making button bookmarks is easy! Got lots of small, funky buttons? Put them on paperclips. Big paper is best. Just glue the button on the top end of a paper clip. Boom, done! Now you have cool markers for books.

Use different buttons, and make each one special. Easy to make, super handy. Great for keeping your place in books or giving to friends. Fun, simple craft!

Button Hair Accessories

Making button hair accessories is fun and adds a unique touch to any hairstyle. Start by picking out some colorful buttons. You can use old ones or buy new ones that match your outfit. Then, get some hair pins or elastic bands.

Glue the buttons onto the pins or bands, and wait for them to dry. Ta-da! You’ve created your own button hair accessories. They’re perfect for jazzing up your look or giving as cute gifts to friends. Simple, stylish, and special.

Button Magnets

Button magnets? Oh, yeah, totally fun to make! Just grab some buttons – any kind you got, the colorful, the better. Then, get those little magnet pieces from a craft store, or maybe you find some at home. Glue them together. That’s it.

Stick them on your fridge or locker. Looks cool and holds up your stuff, like notes or pics. Easy-peasy and super quick craft!

Button Jewelry

Button jewelry is another cool way to use old buttons. You can make necklaces, bracelets, even earrings! First, choose some buttons that look good together. Then, use strong thread or jewelry wire to connect them.

You can make patterns or keep it simple. To finish, just tie off the ends or add a clasp. Now you’ve got some unique jewelry that’s wearable. Making button jewelry is simple and lets you show off your

creative projects and side!

Button Garland

Creating a button garland is a cheerful way to brighten up any space. Begin by selecting buttons of various sizes and colors to create a vibrant look. Thread a strong string or yarn through the buttons, spacing them out evenly. Tie knots before and after each button to keep them in place.

This garland can be draped over windows, wrapped around trees, or hung on walls for a splash of color and whimsy. Simple to make, yet incredibly charming, a button garland adds a festive touch wherever it’s placed.

Button Decorated Pillows

Brighten up your living room or bedroom with some button handmade decor pillows. Start by choosing pillows that could use some sprucing up or a plain pillow cover. Arrange your buttons on the pillow cover to create a design or spell out a word or initial.

Once you’re happy with the layout, carefully sew each button in place. This personalized touch is perfect for adding character to your space or creating thoughtful, custom gifts.

Button Embellished Clothing

Revitalize your wardrobe by adding buttons to your clothing. This can be as simple as upgrading the buttons on a shirt or jacket, or as creative as adding a button design to a denim jacket or a pair of jeans.

Choose buttons that complement or contrast with the fabric for a stylish look. Sewing buttons onto clothing not only gives it a new life but also truly makes it a one-of-a-kind piece.

Button Frames

Give your picture frames a fun makeover with buttons. Select a frame that would look better with some embellishments. Lay out your design with buttons directly onto the frame, experimenting with different shapes and colors.

Once you’re satisfied with the pattern, glue each button down. This craft is an excellent way to turn a simple photo frame into a piece of art, all while showcasing your creativity.

Button Greeting Cards

Create personalized greeting cards using buttons to add depth and charm. Select cardstock or pre-made blank cards and decide on a theme or message for your card. Arrange buttons to form shapes, and letters, or simply embellish borders.

Glue the buttons in place and use markers or ink to add text or decorative elements. These handmade cards are perfect for any occasion and are sure to be treasured by the recipients.

Button Keychains

Craft custom keychains with a unique flair by incorporating buttons into the design. Choose durable, eye-catching buttons and attach them to keychain rings using sturdy thread or wire.

Combine different sizes and colors for a playful look, or opt for a minimalist design with a single, striking button. These keychains make excellent gifts or personal accessories that reflect your creative side.

Learn All About Button Crafts

Button crafts? Super cool, right? You just learned loads of fun stuff to make with buttons. From clothes to decorations, buttons make everything awesome. Grab your buttons and start making stuff.

Be creative! Share your projects, and impress friends. Easy, fun, and oh-so-cool. Keep crafting, keep shining. Got buttons? Make magic happen. Now, go rock those buttons!

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