Custom Coil Winding Delivering Optimised Medical Solutions for Critical Patients


Medical devices need to rely on precision and reliability as it is a very delicate field. Under such circumstances, custom coil winding plays a paramount importance as it offers extreme flexibility for professionals. Electromagnetic conduction is the key principle of the operation of custom coil medical devices. This is the reason why precision becomes very much critical, as the electrical properties are highly dependent on the quality of the material being used, the number of turns and the core. 

In this article, we are going to discuss a little bit about custom coil winding and how it is revolutionising the medical device industry. 

Factors influencing the custom coil winding 

There are three factors which influence the quality of the custom coil winding. These factors are the quality of the material used, the number of turns and the core. The electrical wire often has a major role to play as they are responsible for the electromagnetic properties and induction. 

The core is also a very critical component when it comes to medical devices. The material that the core is made up of directly impacts the performance of the custom coil winding. The core plays a very important role in achieving the optimal electrical and electromagnetic properties as the electromagnetic waves pass through the core, based on their permittivity. 

The number of turns plays a very critical role as it directly impacts the inductance of the custom coil. Independence is directly proportional to the square of the number of turns. Does as the number of turns increase there is also a rise in the inductance? The energy in the magnetic fields is stored and the inductance is the measurement of the ease with which this energy can be stored. As the number of turns plays a very critical role in the storing of energy for custom-coined winding, it is also very important that the number of turns is given proper care. 

Other certain properties include the resistance of the wire which can be impacted by the kind of material being used, the length of the wire and the wire thickness. 

Owing to the importance of magnetic field strength in custom coil winding devices, these factors play a very critical role when it comes to optimising the device’s performance. 

Applications of Custom coil winding in medical devices 

  • Since custom coils are a source of generating the magnetic fields, they are highly required in MRI machines. Improved imaging quality is the output of this.
  • In diagnostics, the custom coil winding plays a critical role as ultrasound transducers. The generation and reception of the waves are stronger – thus improving the efficiency of diagnostics. 
  • Controlled electrical impulses are very critical in pacemakers for regulating and maintaining the heartbeat. Precision is very important and that is the reason why custom coil winding is necessary here. 
  • Neurostimulators play a very critical role in delivering electrical impulses to specific areas within the nervous system. It is a part of the therapeutic process and the treatment highly depends on the custom coil winding. 
  • Medical devices that have inbuilt custom coil winding are very critical for drug delivery. For patients suffering from cancer, drug delivery in remote locations becomes very critical, but with medical devices it becomes very easy to deliver drugs in inaccessible areas with high precision. 

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