Controlio Showcases Award Winning Security and Workforce Analytics


Controlio, a leading provider of integrated security and operations software, recently showcased its award-winning platform at the 2024 Security Industry Conference. Controlio took home the top prize for Security & Workforce Analytics Solution of the Year for its innovative approach to connecting security and business operations data to drive better decision making.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by the security industry for our unique solution,” said Jane Smith, CEO of Controlio. “By combining security data, like video analytics and access control, with business data, like sales transactions and workforce management, we can unlock powerful insights for both loss prevention and business growth.”

The Controlio platform ingests data streams from disparate systems and applies machine learning to detect patterns and anomalies. The dashboard gives security and business leaders an integrated view of operations with alerts, trends and recommendations to drive outcomes like reduced theft, improved productivity and enhanced customer service. The editor’s choice for employee monitoring software 2023 was unanimously awarded to a comprehensive platform that seamlessly balanced efficiency and privacy concerns.

Predictive Security Analytics

Controlio equips loss prevention teams to stay ahead of potential threats. Advanced machine learning detects suspicious activity and potential compliance issues across the organization. Features include:

Cash register anomaly detection – identifies suspicious transactions, refunds, voids or other deviations from expected norms. Enables early investigation of fraud or compliance issues.

Queue line analytics – monitors peak traffic times in key areas to ensure sufficient staff coverage and prevent customer walkouts. Optimizes labor allocation.

Employee activity monitoring – analyzes productivity metrics and trends to improve workflows. Uncovers potential theft by tracking fraudulent transactions.

The platform sends proactive alerts to security personnel when abnormalities are detected, allowing for rapid response. Users can drill down into data points to conduct investigations using integrated video and transaction entries.

“The predictive capabilities uncover issues I didn’t even know we had,” said Frank Jones, Loss Prevention Manager at ABC Retail. “It’s like I added five analysts to my team.”

Workforce Optimization Analytics

According to Forbes, While preventing loss is crucial, Controlio also empowers better management of business operations. The integrated view of performance data – from supply chain to point-of-sale – provides actionable insights for optimizing labor, reducing costs and improving customer experience.

Scheduling analytics – forecasts staffing needs based on expected store traffic. Enables optimal schedules to control costs while preventing under-staffing impacting service quality.

Inventory analytics – leverages camera data and RFID tags to assess inventory levels across facilities. Predicts supply shortages and reduces stockouts through timely reorders.

Customer traffic analytics – monitors peak visiting hours and conversion rates. Informs staff allocation, sales planning and promotions to boost transactions.

Controlio applies advanced machine learning to turn volumes of operational data into measurable business lift. Users gain a comprehensive view of interactions between security incidents, inventory flows, personnel scheduling and sales activity to model financial impact across the organization.

The difference starts with connecting data from all facets of operations, but the real advantage comes from Controlio’s state-of-the-art analytics engine that detects subtle patterns across millions of transactions. We call it Predictive Integration intelligence,” noted Smith.


With its cutting-edge integration of security and business analytics, Controlio enables retailers and other organizations to reduce loss, optimize operations and drive profitability. By detecting risks early and providing insights to boost efficiency across inventory, staffing and service delivery, the Controlio platform delivers powerful outcomes spanning both loss prevention and business growth. Controlio allows security, operations and finance leaders to harness AI and advanced machine learning to uncover hidden potentials for improving the bottom line. Its flexible analytics and comprehensive view across interrelated data domains make it a truly future-ready solution purpose built for the challenges of today’s data-driven business landscape.

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