Activate- How to Watch YouTube on Smart TV (2024)

The URL to use when you want to connect your YouTube account to your TV is But not everyone knows that they have to enter an activation code that appears on their screens in order to activate YouTube TV on their smart TVs. There are two options available to you if you recently purchased a new smart TV and want to watch YouTube on it. Casting YouTube from your smartphone is the first step. Logging into your YouTube account and having fun is the next option.

In reality, even if you don’t sign in, you still don’t need to activate YouTube. You only need to sign in to YouTube to watch videos that are restricted to users who are at least 18 years old. Alternatively, your YouTube Premium membership is active. This is because watching videos on YouTube Premium offers an ad-free experience that you wouldn’t want to be ruined by annoying advertisements that play whenever you try to watch a video. Nevertheless, follow our instructions to activate YouTube on your Smart TVs and use a code to log in.

What is on YouTube?

Users can use the URL to access YouTube on their PC or smartphone, which is already logged in. When you first turn on YouTube on your new Smart TV or any other streaming device, you must go to and follow this URL.

In actuality, you can visit as well. Remember that turning on YouTube TV is not the same as turning on basic YouTube. Additionally, YouTube is accessible worldwide, but YouTube TV is limited to the United States.

How to YouTube on Android TV?

Using YouTube and start to watch content is as easy as using it on an Android TV. It may require some work on your part, though, if you do not have the YouTube application installed. The steps to install and enable YouTube on your Android TV are as follows:

  • Verify that there is an internet connection to your Android TV.
  • Launch the YouTube app. If it’s not there, the application isn’t installed.
  • Open the PlayStore, do a search, and download YouTube.
  • After installation, open YouTube and select Settings from the left menu.
  • Select the “Link with Code” option.
  • In the window that opens, select the option to Link with TV Code.
  • A 12-digit code will now appear on YouTube.
  • Go to in the web browser on your smartphone or PC now.
  • Click Continue after entering the 12-digit code.

You can now play YouTube videos on your Android TV. Currently, many different TV brands are running Android TV. This method works with any brand, such as Sony Bravia or OnePlus. To activate YouTube, you don’t need to search for OnePlus TV.

How to YouTube at Amazon Fire TV

The process for how to enable YouTube on an Amazon Fire TV or FireStick is fairly similar to that of an Android TV. This is as a result of Android TV being divided into Amazon Fire TV. These are the actions to follow:

Make sure your Fire TV is online before turning it on.

Launch the YouTube app right now.

  • Try searching for YouTube in the Amazon TV Store if you are unable to locate it.
  • Install YouTube after downloading it.
  • After opening YouTube, select Settings from the menu on the left, then select Link with Code.
  • In the window that opens, click Link with TV Code. A 12-digit code will appear.


That’s all the information we have about using on your Smart devices to activate YouTube. We hope you found this guide useful. Please leave a comment below if you’re still having problems, and we’ll do our best to help you.

FAQ’S what is it?

The link activation process on YouTube is Link activation is enabled by the channel owner when you receive a YouTube link that ends in “/activate.” By clicking the link, you can watch the content and become a subscriber to the channel.

Why is the link activation required?

Link activation is a feature that YouTube channel owners can enable to increase their subscriber base and view count. Because activation is required, watching the video requires a subscription. People who might not have subscribed otherwise are encouraged to do so.

Should I continue to be a subscriber?

No, you are free to stop watching the channel at any moment. To view the initial content, you only need to subscribe for link activation. You can choose to cancel your subscription after viewing the video.

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