Why Custom Marine Corps Coins Make the Perfect Gift for Any Marine


With around 186,000 active Marines, there’s a good chance you know one. And if you’re trying to figure out how to honor your favorite Marine for their service, you need to know about challenge coins. These custom coins are the perfect way to demonstrate your appreciation in a personal and meaningful way.

Keep reading to learn why custom Marine Corps coins make the perfect gift for any Marine!

Make Your Own Coin

Challenge coins have a long history as a symbol of pride in different branches of the military. These custom coins also are used in other contexts, such as on sports teams. Regardless of the organization, challenge coins are a big honor.

Not all challenge coins are alike, too. You can create custom coins to suit your aesthetic preferences and match the recipient’s work. You can tailor the artwork and design to the specific reason you’re giving the challenge coin. 

For instance, you may want the coin to reflect the inscriptions and mottos associated with the Marine Corps. Just work with a company that creates the coin to design the perfect gift. Shop for custom challenge coins today!

Honor Achievements and Show Respect

Traditionally, custom coins have been given to honor specific achievements in the military. Maybe an individual stepped up notably in a role or hit a service milestone. These coins also can honor excellent service and leadership on a mission. 

While some Marine or Navy challenge coins may honor a specific action, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Challenge coins can be a more general expression of respect for someone’s service. They also can be a way to celebrate camaraderie or participation in an organization.

Even if you’re not in the military, giving someone a Marine Corps challenge coin shows that you see and respect them. You can trust that the recipient will be grateful, too. When someone gives another person a challenge coin, it’s a significant gesture.

Create a Lasting Memento

Finally, when you create a Marine Corps challenge coin for someone you know, you’re creating a long-lasting keepsake. Though small in scale, these coins pack in a lot of design and thoughtfulness. They’re also highly durable.

Challenge coins are typically made from nickel or copper, so you can trust that the material is tough. The design may be engraved or cast on the surface of the coin. Since many Marines show off their challenge coins with friends and family, the coins will be handled constantly. 

Additionally, challenge coin etiquette states that these coins should be carried everywhere. And while they may be displayed for admiration from others, they should never be shared. 

Get Marine Corps Coins

Marine Corps coins can be an excellent way to honor individuals for their service and achievements. These small mementos can be customized with text and imagery to reflect the individual’s achievements. And they stand the test of time as a memorable symbol of respect.

Find more tips to celebrate your favorite military personnel. Check back soon for new articles!

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