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If you’re a fan of captivating stories that whisk you away to fantastical worlds, “That Which Flows” is your ticket to an enchanting realm of magic and adventure. This popular Korean webtoon, also known as a Manhwa, has been turning heads and capturing hearts with its spellbinding narrative and compelling characters.

Overview of That Which Flows by Manhwa

In the universe of “That Which Flows,” prepare to meet characters like Yeon, a princess blessed with enigmatic powers over the flow of energy. Her journey navigates through royal intrigue while encountering a mysterious magician, promising a tale of suspense, magic, and a hint of romance.

The Story

Yeon isn’t your typical princess—she’s armed with powers that manipulate the very essence of energy. Her adventures unfold as she treads the delicate threads of palace politics, all while exploring her blossoming feelings for a magician who sees beyond her royal facade.

The Story and Key Characters of That Which Flows

Yuri takes center stage, a girl gifted with the ability to perceive “lines of flow,” representing destiny. Her struggle lies in manipulating these threads to alter the fates of those around her. But every action has unintended consequences, plunging her into moral dilemmas that challenge the ethics of altering destiny.

Why Fans Love That Which Flows Manhwa

Captivating Story and Characters

Mia, a seemingly ordinary high school girl, stumbles upon mysterious powers tied to shadows, drawing readers into her journey of self-discovery amidst a gripping battle between good and evil. Root for Mia as she navigates treacherous forces while building complex relationships that add depth to the narrative.

Dark and Edgy Tone

The dark, supernatural undertones of “That Which Flows” lend an enticing edge to the series. It combines shadow powers’ supernatural elements with everyday life’s relatable struggles, making it a compelling read for fans seeking depth and complexity in their stories.

Action and Suspense

The action-packed fight scenes, exciting chase scenes, and thrilling messages in That Which Flows keep readers on the edge. The book moves quickly. This series has an unputdownable sense of suspense and danger due to the plot’s constant turns and the danger of villains discovering Mia’s secret. Each volume of the 

Appealing Art Style

That Which Flows’ stylish, dark visual aesthetic goes perfectly with the narrative’s tone. Action scenes are lively and seamless, and character designs are visually captivating while remaining realistic. The design gets better with little parts like using screentone and special effects for Mia’s shadow powers. The artwork has been consistently high quality for the series’ duration.

Where to Read That Which Flows Online

Want to immerse yourself in the world of “That Which Flows”? Dive into the adventure by accessing it through these platforms:

  • Webtoon: Enjoy free access to the series and stay updated with new releases via the Webtoon app.
  • Mangakakalot: Experience the series without interruptions, though an ad blocker might enhance your reading.
  • KissManga: Dive into the story at your own pace, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Mangasee123: Enjoy a clean layout and mobile-friendly interface for uninterrupted reading pleasure.

When Will That Which Flows Season 2 Come Out?

While fans eagerly await Season 2, there’s yet to be an official word. However, based on previous timelines, speculation points to a release around a similar timeframe. But remember, animated shows require intricate production processes, and the manga source material must also progress

Production times for animated television can be lengthy. The animation and graphics in That Which Flows are exceptionally high quality, requiring more time and resources.

The manga source material must continue progressing for the animators to have enough chapters to adapt. Very few unadapted chapters remain from the conclusion of season 1 as of early 2022. More chapters will soon be available as the manga releases a new chapter every week.


“That Which Flows” isn’t just another series—it’s an immersive journey into a world brimming with magic, suspense, and thought-provoking themes. Whether you’re new to the Manhwa universe or a seasoned enthusiast, this series promises an adventure that’ll leave you spellbound. Dive in, embrace the magic, and let “That Which Flows” transport you to an unforgettable realm of storytelling.


  1. Where can I read “That Which Flows”?

You can start your manhwa adventure by visiting trustworthy webtoon sites or looking through manhwa-specific applications. A great deal of free manhwa makes entering this colorful world simple.

  1. What makes “That Which Flows” unique?

Manga is Japanese, but manhwa is Korean. even with their similarities, they are different in their creative approaches, story methods, and cultural influences.

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